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    Review 1 of 15: Miguel is fantastic
    I'm new here.....and I'm just loving it! I've had the pleasure of meeting Miguel several times..... He's always so friendly and helpful with the few maintenance requests I've had. Whatever the problem......he had the solution and handled it quickly! Thank you so much Miguel. I really appreciate you!
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    Review 2 of 15: perfect fit !!! & looks amazing .
    absolutely beautiful place to live
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    Review 3 of 15: Love it here
    I have been living here in the 1st building to open since the building was available for rent and I'm still living here and loving it... great staff, friendly neighbors, and fun extras available for friends and families... Overall id rate this 5/5
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    Review 4 of 15: Just a quick note . . .
    Just a quick note . . . It's a pleasure living here. Cortney is a pleasure to work with. She is very attentive and makes it her duty to learn and remember all of our family members names. I know Duane soends most of his days at Uptown now but i was very happy to see his smiling face the other day when i stopped by the office when i retrieved my mail from the mailbox. He is one of the most courteous people around. Always says good morning or good afternoon or what have you. I dont think he has a bad bone in him. All in all you should be very proud of your staff here ar midtown. Thank you for a delightful living experience. Glenn & Sally
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    Review 5 of 15: Lease renewal
    We are renewing our lease here. Even our great CCPD finds alias criminals here on warrant searches. We feel very safe and welcome here. The staff always has a smile when greeting us. They know us by name which makes us feel welcome. When we have a concern, or situation, they usually find the solution. Wish there was a little more barbecuing area and outdoor tables. The only drawback we have is we are bound to Hotwire Fision. They don't provide the greatest tv services for the cost. But, as far as ZRS, they are top notch!
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    Review 6 of 15: Midtown
    I enjoy Midtown because the office is so very friendly. Courtney always helps if needed when I have questions about my bill for water or working the coffee machine in the lobby. I moved in after selling my home of 30 years and was honestly a bit afraid of living in an apartment style place because there are so many people and characters you can meet these days. Everyone here so far has been friendly and I just love my neighbors, a lovely couple with a sweet puppy. The inside of my home is great and if I need any odds and ends fixed up Otto and Dwayne have been in to help.
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    Review 7 of 15: New Home
    I moved to Florida not knowing anything about the area and only seeing the apartment through pictures that Courtney sent me. When I arrived a was happy to see it was how described. Appliances are all nice, it was cleaned and fresh paint. I m also happy to be to get a dog for company and use the park.
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    Review 8 of 15: Great Apartments, staff and location
    Midtown for me was the perfect location and allowed me to stay in the area I've lived for 13 years. The Apartmets are new and full of upgrades. While my experience may be different than others it can be noisy at times between apartments, and with families at the pool, younger adults out late, etc. Its apartment living and shared space. Parking is sometimes an issue as the spaces fill up quick on the weekend. Aside from that, Cortney and the rest of the staff have been great and the fitness center and dog spa have been awesome to use.
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    Review 9 of 15: Great job...!!!!
    I loved how they treat me in the whole process , Cortney and Yeni they are really professional and friendly , happy to live here.
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    Review 10 of 15: Midtown
    I had a very warm feeling from the time that I pulled onto the property and once I took the tour that was confirmation that this place is for me , Yeni help me with all my questions and made the whole process really easy and fast i move in couple days. I just move in from New York and i 'm really happy to be part of Midtown community.
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    Review 11 of 15: Leasing Agent Yesnisley Delgado
    she is great, friendly, professional and knowlegment about her job. Thank you for your help
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    Review 12 of 15: Love Midtown!
    Everything has been so easy since moving into Midtown Apartments. It is so peaceful and I love the maintenance free living. Cortney was great to work with and Duane has been very helpful as well.
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    Review 13 of 15: Excellent Property
    Good job! Continous with the great services
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    Review 14 of 15: Review
    Everything is great! I would like to see one designated parking space marked for each unit.
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    Review 15 of 15: Love IT!
    Moved into Midtown on July 1 as one of their first people to live here. Courtney made my application steps better than expected...most places in cape are crazy to get into. My apartment is gorgeous. I wake up every morning to look out to the beautiful pool and it will be even better once the rest of the community is done. The appliances are great too. I hope to make midtown my home for a fw years.